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Лучшие рекламные ролики Annecy 2020
12 MFFA Animator Trailer
Directed by: Karolina SPECHT
Country: Poland
A Mother's Promise
Directed by: Richard O'CONNOR
Country: USA
WWF® x Ivan Dorn "Wild"
Country: Russia
Beatbox Anima Mundi 2019
Directed by: Janet PERLMAN
Country: Canada
CBS "Pudsy's Christmas"
Directed by: Steve ANGEL
Country: Canada
Ciné court animé trailer 2020 "Strange Light"
Directed by: Simon VERGELY
Country: France
Directed by: Robert GRIEVES
Country: Australia
Followfood "In Your Hands"
Directed by: Ralf KARAM
Country: Spain
France "Patrouille de France / Dernier tour"
Directed by: Emmanuel LANTAM-NINSAO
Country: France
Greenpeace "Turtle Journey"
Directed by: Gavin STRANGE
Country: United Kingdom
Happy Year of the Rat 2020
Directed by: Lei LEI
Country: China, France
Jo Goes Hunting "Careful"
Directed by: Alice SAEY
Country: France, Netherlands
Journey of Kook
Directed by: Nijin NAZEEM
Country: India
LAI Awareness "Out of the Dark"
Directed by: Christopher CARBONI
Country: USA
Lea Porcelain "The Love"
Directed by: Jakob SCHMIDT
Country: Germany
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society "Grace"
Directed by: Natalie LABARRE
Country: USA
Lightning Bolt "Blow to the Head"
Directed by: Caleb WOOD
Country: USA
Lucky Chops "Traveler"
Directed by: Daniel ALMAGOR, Raman DJAFARI
Country: Germany
Mashrou' Leila "Radio Romance"
Directed by: Vladimir MAVOUNIA-KOUKA
Country: France, Lebanon
Memoirs of Vegetation "The Castor Bean"
Directed by: Jessica ORECK
Country: USA
My Friend Pedro
Directed by: CRCR
Country: France
Past "Tíseň"
Directed by: Nora STRBOVA, Alžběta SUCHANOVÁ
Country: Czech Republic
Pixelatl 2019 "Raiz y Mañana"
Directed by: César Gabriel CEPEDA SÁNCHEZ
Country: Mexico
Poulehouse : l'oeuf qui ne tue pas la poule
Directed by: AKAMA STUDIO
Country: France
S+C+A+R+R "The Rest of My Days"
Directed by: Jack Antoine CHARLOT
Country: France
Directed by: Julian VARGAS
Country: Norway
Short Cuts "Cris et chuchotements"
Directed by: Inés SEDAN
Country: France
TED-Ed "Why Should You Read Sci-fi Superstar Octavia E. Butler?"
Directed by: Tomas PICHARDO
Country: USA, Dominican Republic
The Fish
Directed by: PES
Country: USA
The Life Saving Twins "Dirty Hands Make You Sick"
Directed by: Angelin PAUL
Country: Burundi, Ivory Coast, France, United Kingdom
The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page's '59 Telecaster
Directed by: SMITH & FOULKES
Country: USA, United Kingdom
Tricky Women / Tricky Realities - Festival Trailer 2020
Directed by: Rachel GUTGARTS
Country: Austria, Israel
Vow "Rebellion"
Directed by: Robert WALLACE
Country: United Kingdom
Wantaways "The Turning Point"
Directed by: Steve CUTTS
Country: United Kingdom
We Only Get One Planet
Directed by: Aghil HOSSEINIAN
Country: Iran
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